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A Problem Worth Solving

In data reviewed from the U.S. National Health Survey and published in “Parental cancer and the family: A population-based estimate of the number of US cancer survivors residing with their minor children” from NIH, some troubling statistics were revealed regarding the frequency at which cancer occurs in homes where minor children are present.

of recently diagnosed survivors and 14.0% of all survivors reported living with a minor child.
estimated US cancer survivors reside with their minor children, representing 2.85 million children.
estimated US minor children are living with a parent in the early phases of cancer treatment and recovery.

The Solution

Through the establishment of relationships with doctors, hospitals, cancer treatment centers, cancer-related non-profit organizations, and our volunteer community, Hope4Moms will close the gap between what caring family and friends are able to do, and what moms with cancer need in order to minimize the disruption to their households.


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